Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where your heart is...

So one way you might show your passion is to write. This song is one of ACTS (Accentuating Christ Thru Song) original. It always brings me peace to hear the whole congregation sing it. It was loosely based on the Stewardship theme the year it was penned, which I think was 2005, it could be 2004. I do have a recording of Tim and Paula singing it that I went back and added a banjo to; if you would like a copy just email me at I should put a co-author on this because Lori has tweaked nearly every section... ha.

Where your Heart Is… by ACTS

Where your Heart is, there your peace be
Friends and family loving Christ
Worship, Serve your loving Savior
Grow with Grace, Seize your Prize

When demands pack every hour
‘til the worries dim your view
Lift your voice upward in worship
Let God’s peace fall on you.

Repeat Chorus

We live our lives as hidden strangers
Looking past the ones in need
But when we turn and follow Jesus
Our eyes grow clear to his lead

Repeat Chorus

There is one Body, and one Spirit
To one Hope, We are called
Listen for your special message
Let your life answer your call

by Dave Schipper (c) 2005 I think... HA.

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